Put Your Dreams to the Test

Put Your Dreams to The Test

 In Put Your Dream to the Test John C. Maxwell helps you transform your dream from a vague notion of an ideal future into a clear picture of where you’re headed in life. The book serves as a tool to diagnose your odds of achieving your dream. Each chapter, John’s presents a single, incisive question prompting you to refine your dream and to solidify your plan for achieving it.

Chapter 1 - The Ownership Question: Is My Dream Really My Dream?
Chapter 2 - The Clarity Question: Do I Clearly See My Dream?
Chapter 3 - The Reality Question: Am I Depending on Factors within My Control to Achieve My Dream?
Chapter 4 - The Passion Question: Does My Dream Compel Me To Follow It?
Chapter 5 - The Pathway Question: Do I Have A Strategy To Reach My Dream?
Chapter 6 - The People Question: Have I Included The People I Need To Realize My Dream?
Chapter 7 - The Cost Question: Am I Willing To Pay The Price For My Dream?
Chapter 8 - The Tenacity Question: Am I Moving Closer To My Dream?
Chapter 9 - The Fulfillment Question: Does Working Toward My Dream Bring Satisfaction?
Chapter 10 - The Significance Question: Does My Dream Benefit Others?


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